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            we now want to purchase such materials
            as following:
            1, waste acids
            2, waste alkalis
            3, aliphatic fatty alcohols


            Contact: Manager Hua (Purchase section)


            Founded in 1998(Former: Jiande Xinhua Comprehensive Service Co., Ltd),Hangzhou Zhonghe
            Environmental Technological Co., Ltd.

            is a subsidiary of Zhejiang Xinhua
            Chemical Stock Co., Ltd. At present,
            Jiande Xinhua Comprehensive Service
            Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of ammonium dihydrogen phosphate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate and glacial acetic acid, and the main materials waste phosphoric acid, waste alkalis, diluted acetic acid etc. Thus, we are a recovery company ...[More]
            Add: 909# Xinanjiang Lu, Yangxi Jiedao,
                     Jiande,Zhejiang, China
            Tel: 0086-571-64755918
            Contact: Manager Tian
            Mobile: 0086-15957176628